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Sheneka Reid

Sheneka Reid
  1. What’s your name, your age, and how would you describe your cultural identity?

Sheneka Reid, 25 and Black British

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and where you are in your equestrian journey. This might include the activities/disciplines you enjoy, the name of the equestrian centre or yard you attend, and your role there (for example, participant, volunteer, staff member, coach).

At the moment I am not doing much in the industry. I’m just getting back into the sport after having two years off. Before I took time off, I was working on a stud yard and rode their show Connemara. I enjoy general activities and have some experience in dressage and show jumping. I’ve only done xc a few times but that would be something I’ll like to start doing. I am currently volunteering at ebony horse club after not being there since 2014 and now do the occasional yard assistant role.

  1. Have you encountered any racism during your equine journey? 

Yes I have a few times. I’ve had people looking at me funny at college or laughing with friends when I walk past. I felt very uncomfortable most of my years at college, especially the first two. It was so bad that I refused to go to the summer ball just because of how I was looked at all the time. When I use to do the county shows the the heavy horses at college, people in the showground use to look at me like as if I was an alien and one time I remember, I had just finished plaiting one of the shires mane when a couple of teenager, who were agriculture students went past me whispered to one another “you don’t see much of those around here”  and walked off laughing.

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