The British Ethnic Riders Federation CIC

British Ethnic Riders Federation CIC

Welcome to the British Ethnic Riders Federation CIC, formally the BAME Equine and Rural Activities Focus Group / The British Ethnic Riders Forum,  created on 2nd July 2020 to support,  encourage, inspire, educate and progress members of ethnically diverse communities in all disciplines and in all areas of the equine industry as well as in all rural activities.

Set up by like minded people who want to see a more ‘level playing field’ for ethnically diverse members of our society to enable their natural skills and talents to flourish within a safe, equal, diverse environment and most importantly without prejudice and discrimination,  so that they may feel comfortable, confident and supported in whatever field they decide to explore.

Meet some of our members

Tomomi McLaren
Tatiane Mauree
Sheneka Reid
Darbi Johnston-Murphy
Brianna Bonadie